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Hey !

My name is Sagar Ganatra.
Mentally, I'm just a Social Human,
who would like to wear different cloths.

So, please, scroll down,
it's a little bit cold out here.

I'm an Experienced eBay & Amazon Developer.

I'm fluent with a Shopify,Woocommerce,BigCommerce,Magento and continue to learn Swift, Java, Node.js & Ruby.

I also know how to do eBay SEO with Help of Digital Marketing to Increase Your eCommerce Sales & ROI.
While coding, my weird best friend is my laptop.

I also want to become an eCommerce Product photographer

I'm also a web & graphic designer.

And aside websites, icons and logos, I like to play with Photoshop and illustration.

In case for web & graphic design, I am always uses graphic weapons called Photoshop and Illustrator, as a teacher.

I'm aa good as you !

...According to my girlfriend.

I am working as an Independent Freelancer India , and it will be a great honor to work with professionals

More of my works can be found on sagar ganatra linkedin, or just by dropping sagar ganatra rajkot an email

And for those who wants to know more about me, you can check sagar ganatra seo LinkedIn Profile.

Hope to see you soon ! Work & Pricing Details Click here

Mistake or not,
you're on Sagar Ganatra's Blog.

I'm a SEO web designer and front-end developer, but unfortunately, that site is not responsive at all.

Not because I'm lazy, just because it's better to see it on a desktop.

I hope that you'll understand.

If no desktop is available around you, you can check these links :

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